Founder's Message

YNP Enterprises is led by Mr. Pravin Kumar Sinha. The Promoter of the firm is a serial entrepreneur and an engineer by profession. Well known in the business often for his commitments and humble personality.

He Graduated in Engineering, Delhi in 2007 and then completed his master’s in marketing from Delhi University. Earlier of his career he has worked with French company as an engineer for 4 years.

Under his vision today our firm is India’s leading suppliers of specialized nutraceuticals to the health and nutrition industry since 2011.

  • 2011: Firm started trading operations and dealing with four products.
  • 2014: Firm extended its operations to the inter-state and expanded the horizon in multiple products.
  • 2016: Firm joint ventured the first international trade.
  • 2017: Started self- Importing products from various countries.
  • 2017:Collaboration with Mihama Group (100 years old Brand in Japan) for sourcing food ingredients from Europe & USA.
  • 2018: Firm Started catering the top clients of the industry with the back support of Japanese company.
  • 2019: Firm opened a sister concern for manufacturing of own product. Firm Launched own product in July 2019 on all e commerce portals.

Today at YNP we are procuring from the companies which are well known established brands in their countries and have attained worth in billions.

We are the suppliers to the India’s top giants of Sports nutrition industry who cater more than 20 to 30% of related market consumers.

In the recent years we have also diversified our footprints to the Bakery , Confectionary, Spices and Beverage industry.